Express Lawn & Tree Services

is your yard and tree solution! Big or small, we take care of it all!
Let us give you your weekends back!

Lawn Maintenance

Whether you need help all year long or you need a one time renovation to bring your yard back to life, Express Lawn & Tree Service is your landscaping solution!

Complete Tree Services

From tree top to the roots, Express Lawn & Tree Service can help you manage your trees!

Residential & Commercial Cleanup

After a disaster or when it’s time to renovate and clean up your land, Express Lawn & Tree Service can help you spruce up your property!

At Express Lawn & Tree Service, we know that yard upkeep can be a pain.

It’s hot, sweaty and never seems to end!

Sure, you can get the kid down the street to mow for you, but will he edge your flower beds without accidentally cutting off your prize daylilies? Or remember to blow the cuttings off the driveway when he’s done? What happens when he’s in school and you need your yard taken care of?

Or what if it’s a bigger job? What if you need to have a tree removed? Sure, tree removal companies will cut the tree down but do they have the equipment to remove the stump as well? Or will you end with a rotting stump in the middle of your yard? And after the tree is down, will the other company clean up all the debris? Are the other guys insured against accidents?

Is your fence row a mess? Do you need help clearing out underbrush? Have you been doing home renovations and now find yourself in need of demolition or construction cleanup? Perhaps a storm blew through your area and brought with it downed trees and loads of debris? Do you want to reclaim your property and restore it to the beautiful lawn you know it is? Do you want to clear fields or forests to build your dream house?


Alfonso and Christie Hernandez can help you with all this and more!

With affordable rates and free no-obligation estimates, Express Lawn & Tree Service is here to help you manage and maintain your property! We serve the areas of Longview, Kilgore, Liberty City, New London, White Oak, Gladewater, Overton, Henderson, Hallsville and Marshall.

Whether you need residential, commercial or municipal work done, Express Lawn & Tree Service can help you take care of your yard and greenery needs!

Call or text (903) 917-2678 and let us take care of the dirty work!